You Can Now Park A Rimac Nevera In Your Driveway

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And it's all thanks to augmented reality.

If you ever wanted to park a Rimac Nevera in your driveway, you can start doing it today. How is that possible for a car that is still only accessible to the likes of Christian von Koenigsegg? Well, the Croatian car manufacturer has revealed a new 360-degree augmented reality (AR) filter that easily allows anyone to place a 3D version of the supercar in real-life photos, wherever it is you may be. All that's required is a smartphone and a little creativity. By placing the Nevera in your own photo and sharing it, you can win a trip to one of Rimac's events.


The Nevera AR filter allows you to change the size and angle of the car to best match the environment. Rimac advises that a photo is best taken in an area with plenty of light, so your best bet is to head outside. From driveways to scenic backdrops in front of a notable piece of architecture, the Nevera can be placed anywhere. By searching for "Rimac Nevera" on Instagram, you can access the filter, snap your picture, and share it on the social network by tagging #NeveraAR and @rimac_automobili. Without time or a dramatic backdrop on our side, we took a few snaps of the Rimac in a residential area. Although the AR filter works well, it's not entirely realistic.

Front View Rimac
Forward Vision Rimac
Rear View Rimac
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By playing around with lighting and angles, it is possible to get a nifty shot of a Rimac wherever you are in the world.

The remarkable Rimac Nevera is a truly special electric hypercar. It's got four electric motors that produce a combined 1,914 horsepower and 1,740 lb-ft of torque. It'll easily rearrange your internal organs as 60 mph flies past in under two seconds, and its record-breaking quarter-mile sprints are well known by now. At around $2.4 million each, the new AR filter is the closest most of us will ever get to one.

Dashboard Rimac
Door Handle Rimac
Door Rimac

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