You Can Now Power Your Home And EV With Hyundai Home's Solar Panels

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Hyundai has made it as easy as possible to transition to green solar energy.

It's been almost exactly a year since Hyundai Home was introduced by the Korean automaker. Essentially a green energy ecosystem for your home that utilizes solar power, Hyundai Home is now officially launching in 16 states across the country.

For owners of an electric vehicle like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 who ideally have their own free-standing house, Hyundai Home is a brilliant way to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Hyundai Home follows the automaker's promise of not just being a car manufacturer but also a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. A partnership with energy expert Electrum will help customers in qualifying locations to get set up with solar power as effortlessly as possible.

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Once installed, Hyundai Home promises to lower customers' energy bills, make homes more resilient with solar power if an outage occurs, and of course, keep EVs charged conveniently. Hopefully, the system won't catch fire as some other systems from rival EV producers have.

"Last year, we introduced Hyundai Home as a proof of concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and the response was outstanding," said Olabisi Boyle, vice president of product planning and mobility strategy at Hyundai. "Hyundai Home is now live and is ready to help customers make a seamless transition to sustainable living. Hyundai is committed to changing the way people view transportation and elevating their quality of life."


By visiting the Hyundai Home Marketplace, customers can learn more about solar power before purchasing their home charger and home energy storage system. A dedicated Energy Advisor will be on hand to help simplify this process.

Hyundai says that while it's possible for some customers to derive all their energy needs from the solar panels, this will be determined by the amount of roof space that's available. Obviously, this will differ from one home to the next.

Because Hyundai doesn't make an in-home EV charger itself, it partnered with ChargePoint for its Home Flex EV charger, which is a 240-volt, Level 2 unit. Charging an Ioniq 5 with a Level 2 connection takes under seven hours, so it's ideal for overnight charging.


Hyundai is not the only automaker that has invested in green home energy solutions. GM Energy from General Motors is a similar suite of technologies and products that can power your home and your EV. Tesla has offered solar panels for homes for some time, and Toyota has revealed a battery system that can mitigate outages and support power usage during normal use.

Hyundai did not provide costs for Hyundai Home, likely because this will differ based on each customer's unique requirements. We did, however, put in a random California address on the Hyundai Home Marketplace. Based on the estimates, this address's energy bill would decline by a whopping 88% after the solar installation.

Although only 16 states are covered presently, the product is said to be "coming soon throughout the United States."


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