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You Can Now Rent A 600 Horsepower Shelby Mustang

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And you can even buy it when you're done.

The Ford Mustang is a very common rental car because it is affordable but gives drivers a taste of performance. Renting a Mustang is a great way to experience a fast car without actually buying one, but most of the cars on rental lots are hindered by four-cylinder engines or base V8 models without Ford's performance package. That's why companies like Hertz have brought out their own Shelby Mustang variants, so renters can experience what a Mustang should feel like.

Hertz has been the only game in town for a while, except for when Shelby itself decided to make its own car based on the rental car. Now Sixt Rent A Car is getting its own Mustang rental car straight from the best Mustang builders in the world, Shelby.

Unlike the Hertz Shelby GT-H, which was essentially a Mustang GT with minor performance upgrades, Sixt's Mustang will be a supercharged Shelby GT-S model with over 600 horsepower. This will be the first supercharged V8-powered Shelby rental car offered by a national chain in history. "Shelby American has earned a reputation for building the most exciting rental cars for over fifty years," said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. "Our team is honored to make history with Sixt by offering the first supercharged V8 Ford Mustang available at multiple rental car locations across the US. The hot new Sixt edition 2019 Ford Shelby GT-S Mustang will make any trip an amazing and memorable adventure."

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Each car will utilize a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission (sorry manual lovers). Shelby also tuned the suspension, added Brembo brakes, and customized the exterior and interior with unique touches. Each GT-S includes a Shelby serial number and is included in the official Shelby Registry. When the cars are retired from rental duty, they will become available for private purchase and can even be sent back to Shelby for further upgrades.