You Can Now Rent A Porsche For A Month With New Subscription Service

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Want to drive a Panamera for just one month? No problem.

It's hard to imagine that many new Porsche owners have to deal with the affliction of buyers' remorse. After all, from the base Boxster all the way up to the 911 Turbo S, these are some of the best sports cars in the world. But for those with commitment issues, there's Porsche's subscription service which allows you to access different models for limited, sporadic periods of time.

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover introduced its own version of a subscription service in what is a growing industry trend. In its latest move, Porsche's service will now include a single-vehicle subscription program in select North American locations. This news comes as the subscription program, dubbed Porsche Drive, expands to Los Angeles.


The new program will also be available in Phoenix, San Diego, and Atlanta. Customers in these areas will be able to drive a single Porsche model for a period of either one or three months from September 25. The multi-vehicle program, on the other hand, allows for unlimited vehicle swaps and has proven a success with customers who were new to the brand. It follows the 2017 launch of the Porsche Passport subscription service, which has now been rebranded under one Porsche Drive banner.

However, with these programs, Porsche was able to ascertain that some members preferred to switch vehicles less often, hence the new single-vehicle option. Porsche Drive's mobility offerings include rentals for short commitments such as date nights or weekend getaways.

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Available Porsche Drive vehicles differ across membership tiers, but Launch Tier vehicles could include the 718 model line (excluding GTS), the Panamera/Panamera 4, the Macan/Macan S, and the Cayenne/Cayenne Coupe. Accelerate members can access high-performance models like the 911 Carrera S and the Cayman GTS.

The single-vehicle subscription starts at $1,500/month while the multi-vehicle subscription carries a flat monthly fee of $2,100 for the Launch Tier membership and $3,100/month for the Accelerate Tier. Both plans require a $595 activation fee, except the three-month single-vehicle subscription.

All memberships include roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, personal concierge, and insurance. For the single-vehicle service, the allotted mileage per month is 1,500 miles, increasing to 2,000 miles with the multi-vehicle service.

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