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You Can Now Subscribe To Jaguar And Land Rover Models

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But only if you live in the UK. Whomp whomp.

No one actually wants to own things anymore - that seems to be the overall consensus. Why pay to go see a movie when you can watch it along with hundreds of other movies on a subscription service such as Netflix or Hulu? The car industry is starting to get wise to this whole subscription model trend, and numerous manufacturers and dealership groups have already jumped on board. Some automakers are testing these models in the United States, but Jaguar Land Rover is starting on its home turf: the UK.

JLR's new subscription service is called Carpe - as in carpe diem. For now, the service will only be available in the UK, and subscribers will only have access to a single vehicle for 12 months with the option to change at the end of the term. Pricing ranges drastically, starting at £910 (around $1,200) per month for a Jaguar E-Pace, toping out at £2,200 (around $2,900) per month for a Range Rover Sport HSE. As with most of these subscription services, all prices include service, maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance through Allianz. JLR will also even let subscribers drive a much as they want with no mileage limits, so it is better than a lease in many respects.

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If this whole thing sounds intriguing and you'd like to know what other models are available, JRL will also offer the Range Rover Evoque for £980 (around $1,300), Jaguar XE for £1,200 (around $1,600), Range Rover Velar for £1,255 (around $1,670), and Land Rover Discovery for £1,550 (around $2,000). Unfortunately, JLR has no plans to offer the service outside of the UK until it collects more data from consumers.