You Can Now Tour The Ferrari Museum For Free

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On the internet that is.

The Ferrari Museum is a must-see destination for car enthusiasts. However, making the trip to Maranello, Italy may not be within the budget of most non-Ferrari owners. But don't fret, because you can now visit the Ferrari Museum from the comfort of your sofa! Google Maps Street View will now let you walk around the Ferrari Museum! That means anyone with a computer and an internet connection can visit this sanctuary of Ferrari art. To access the museum, just type "Ferrari Museum" into Google Maps and drag the orange guy to the building itself.

This will allow you to see the museum as it was in December of last year. In certain sections of the museum, you can even rotate 360 degrees and move your point of view around the room. The displays are definitely worth a look. You can see rare models like the 250 GTO, and it's all FREE!

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