You Can Now Travel The Entire US Using Tesla Superchargers


Only parts of northern Alaska are lacking, but most populated areas in Europe and Asia are covered.

One of the pillars hoisting up Tesla's success despite its relative newness and the impossible sounding goals CEO Elon Musk has outlined for the company is the Supercharger network. After all, there's no way Musk could convince nearly half a million people to plunk down a cash deposit on the Model 3 sedan, let alone convince investors to speculate his company's value into the stratosphere, if he hadn't at least partially solved the issue of electric car range constraints and the anxiety that comes with it.


And now, as Tesla's Fremont, California factory gears up to start churning out half a million Model 3s each year, Musk has taken to Twitter to announce that he's plugged the holes in his electric car charging infrastructure, or at least done away with most of them. Musk tweeted, "You can now drive anywhere in the US (except N Alaska), most of Europe, China & Japan using the Tesla Supercharger network!" This is a pretty bold claim, especially so given the fact that the US is a pretty big country. China, Japan, and the European continent aren't exactly small in size either, prompting a few Twitter users to log onto the Supercharger Network website and to verify his claims. Suffice it to say, the claim is a slight stretch.

For one, North Dakota has no Supercharging stations though there are plans to open five within the state. This doesn't mean that Musk is wrong, especially given that current Teslas can cover these distances on a single charge, but it does mean that drivers can't take carefree road trips where they hop in the car and go from A to B, only stopping for a bit of juice when it's needed. Model S, Model X, and soon, Model 3 owners will still need to plan out their road trips, taking into account where they must stop to top-off the battery. The news is still promising because it means Tesla is on its way to blanketing the North American, European, and Asian region with enough chargers to make the Model 3 a highly competitive option for buyers.

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