You Can Option The Hell Out Of The Jeep Patriot And It's Still A Killer Deal

Can you guess the price of the most expensive one possible?

With a starting MSRP of just $17,595, the 2016Jeep Patriot is quite the affordable SUV. If you need 4x4 power to the wheels,then your options for the new Jeep patriot begin at $19,595. With no additionaloptions added, the highest trim level, “High Altitude 4X4” starts at $26,540. Puttingout 172 hp and boasting a 1,000+ lbs towing capacity, this model will get you 20mpg in the city and 26 on the highway. This model seems like an apt way to carry on the Jeep heritage without rejecting modern refinement.

The High Altitude derives its power from a 2.0-literDOHC I4, and you also have the option of increasing the engine displacement to2.4-liters. As nice as the entry-level “Sport” trim is, because we’re dealingwith a configurator, it’s always interesting to see how expensive you canpossibly make the vehicle and what unique options are available. Starting withthe High Altitude 4x4 trim, we pressed onward. The first option we’re presentedwith was the Engine Block Heater, adding $95.The Electronics Group By Mopar option gives you a fullnav system for $495. The Premium Sound Group adds two adjustable liftgatespeakers, a subwoofer in the back, and nine Boston Acoustic speakers for $650.

To add a distinctive style to the interior of your new JeepPatriot, $445 will get you an Interior Appearance package from Mopar (also featured on the Chrysler 200), whichincludes illuminated door sills and pedals, as well as a new shift lever and afew more niceties. After adding all of the other minor options available for the2016 Jeep Patriot, we’re left with a still very reasonable net price: $31,815. You know your premium SUV is competitively priced when you can choose the toptrim level, select all options, and still end up with a price just above thirty grand. Do you think it’s worth the price? Let us know in the comments section.

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