You Can Order A Ford GT In Any Color You Want For An Extra $30,000

Paint Job

Somehow we doubt this will be a problem for buyers.

The Ford GT is not your typical Ford, and therefore the buying process is not like placing an order for a Focus. The Ford GT supercar is quite a thing, so naturally buyers want their cars to be, in a word, perfect. Being able to choose the perfect exterior paint color is important, but for 2017 Ford only offered the GT in eight different colors. These include: Frozen White, Shadow Black, Ingot Silver, Liquid Grey, Liquid Blue, Liquid Red, Triple Yellow, and Matte Black.

According to Ford Authority, however, GT buyers can request any exterior paint color they want – for an extra $30,000. This information came from an Arkansas car dealer, Elite Autos LLC, which published on its Facebook page an open house that featured a pair of custom-ordered Ford GTs with special paint jobs. One came in "Beryllium Orange," which came directly from the Saleen S7 supercar, while the other GT featured a unique shade of green. Ford Authority noticed these unique colors and reached out to Elite Autos, who then revealed that insane sum of money Ford demands for the custom paint jobs.

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Considering a new Ford GT costs at least $450,000 without any options, tacking on an additional $30k for the perfect paint likely isn’t something wealthy buyers will complain about. In fact, they’re probably thrilled that for the price of a Ford Fusion, their new GT can be the supercar of their dreams. Photos courtesy of Elite Autos/Facebook.