You Can Own A Copy Of This Street-Legal Race Car For $890K

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That's without any options.

In 1997, Panoz created the Esperante GTR-1 Le Mans Homologation Special in order for the front-engined Esperante GTR-1 race car to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other endurance races. After a six-month restoration, the first example of the road-legal Esperante GTR-1 will make an appearance at the Dubai Motor Show and can even be used as a base to build new models out of for the handsome sum of $890,000. Only two of these monsters were built and this is the only one that's remaining.

Unlike the regular Panoz Esperante, the Esperante GTR-1 comes with a 6.0-liter V8 from Ford that makes more than 600 hp, which is more than enough for the vehicle's scant weight of 1,980 pounds. The monstrous engine is paired to a ZF six-speed manual gearbox (no flappy paddles here) for a proper racecar experience. If the Esperante GTR-1's looks aren't different enough, the race car can be finished in a special paint job that changes in the light. On the inside, the racecar has a full-leather interior with no creature comforts to account for. While $890K for a copy of this street-legal racer before any options may seem like a lot, cars will never be built like this ever again.

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