You Can Own The Last Bugatti EB110 SS Ever Built

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It's one of only 33 examples that rolled off the production line.

Before the Veyron, there was the Bugatti EB110. Built in the 1990s when Bugatti, known as Bugatti S.p.A. back then, was led by Ferrari dealer Romano Artioli, the EB110's wacky styling was an acquired taste, but its technology and performance was revolutionary at the time. Its carbon-fiber monocoque chassis was cutting edge, while the car's technologically-advanced, 3.5-liter, quad-turbo V12 sent 550 horsepower to all four wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox.

Bugatti built 84 examples of the EB110 GT, but the ultimate version was the more powerful and even rarer EB110 Super Sport. Launched in 1995, the EB110 Super Sport benefited from larger injectors and a new exhaust system with two-fewer catalytic converters, as well as a new ECU to increase the output to a colossal 610 hp. This enabled the mid-engined supercar to sprint to 62 mph from a standstill in just 3.26 seconds and hit a top speed of 220 mph, making it the fastest production vehicle in the world back in 1995. The McLaren F1 stole the crown a few years later in 1998 with a top speed of 240 mph.

It also weighed 352 pounds lighter than the standard GT model and featured a revised exterior, with a fixed rear wing, brake cooling vents located behind the front wheels and a more aggressive front bumper incorporating an aerodynamic blade. The hood, engine cover, and venturi undertray were now made of carbon fiber to reduce weight and improve performance, and the side windows were removed and replaced with five air inlet holes for the engine bay.

Girardo & Company
Girardo & Company
Girardo & Company

Bugatti built 33 examples of the EB110 SS, and now one of them is looking for a new owner. Listed for sale by Girardo & Co is chassis number 39040, which is believed to be the last EB110 ever built by Bugatti in 1995 before the company went bankrupt.

The low-mileage car is finished in Grigio Chiaro Met over a two-tone interior and has belonged to a private Italian owner since 2003. Pricing is only available on request, but considering another example sold for $1 million a couple of years ago and this is the last ever example, it's going to be extortionate.

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