You Can Own The Nissan-Powered Ford Mustang From Tokyo Drift

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Stuffing a Nissan GTR engine into a 1967 Ford Mustang probably caused a lot of offense at the time.

Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift's setting meant we got to see a lot of Japanese imports doing fancy sideways driving like DK's Nissan 350Z which recently went up for sale. Despite the location, there was no shortage of American muscle on-screen either. Starring Lucas Black, the 2006 film is notable for being the only film in the franchise not to feature any of the main cast. Black plays the role of Sean Boswell a teenage high school student who ends up moving to Japan to avoid a jail sentence in America where he learns the art of drifting.

In the opening scene, he races a 1970s Chevrolet Monte Carlo against a Dodge Viper, while in the climactic mountain road race he uses a custom 1967 Ford Mustang. If you fancy owning a piece of movie merchandise, one of the six Mustang stunt cars used in the film will be sold by Carlisle Auctions at its spring event in April. What makes this movie car particularly unique, however, is that beneath the Mustang body lies a RB26DETT Nissan Skyline GT-R engine, creating the ultimate blend of American muscle and Japanese tuning. To some, removing the revered American powerplant and stuffing a Japanese motor into the muscle car probably sounds like automotive blasphemy.

Out of the six cars used in the movie, two were also equipped with a Ford 430-inch Windsor motor, but the listing doesn't specify which powerplant is lurking under the hood of the Mustang for sale. They were all fitted with modifications turning them into drift turns to navigate the twists and turns of the mountain roads in the movie. One of the Mustangs used in the film's production was damaged beyond repair during shooting, while another is known to reside in Norway and another is on display at the Volo Car Museum in Chicago. This particular car belonged to the Tasca Ford dealership named after Bob Tasca, the inventor of the Cobra Jet package and a friend of Carroll Shelby.

The car was purchased and registered to Universal Studios for use in the movie before being sold to its current owner who converted the car into a restomod that can drift "without the movie magic" in 2011. "We are thrilled to be presenting a 1967 Ford Mustang from the Fast and the Furious franchise and we invite car lovers, movie buffs and spectators to enjoy the fun and possibly make this car yours," said Tony Cline, Director of Auction Operations at Carlisle. "We look for our Spring Auction to be our greatest ever, and this car will be a major part of it."

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