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You Can Own This 1979 Duntov Turbo Corvette

For Sale

Another reason why eBay Motors is awesome.

There are Corvettes and there are some very special and rare Corvettes. This 1979 Custom Duntov Turbo Corvette, complete with a widebody up for sale on eBay Motors, is one of the latter. Honestly, we’ve never heard of this particular Corvette custom project but fortunately the seller has provided details and the background story. It started with a guy named Bob Schuller, who owned and operated a custom car shop called American Custom Industries (ACI).

Prior to this business, Schuller worked with John Greenwood, founder of Greenwood Corvettes. Once he went off on his own, Schuller got in touch with another friend of his: the so-called father of the Corvette himself, Zora Arkus-Dontov. The two then teamed up to build a limited number of modified Corvettes, the Duntov Turbo Series. Although 200 examples were planned, only 32 were built. The one you see here for sale is number 24. Power comes from a Rayjay turbocharged L48 350 V8. Other unique features include a custom interior with digital gauges, a rear spoiler, Epsilon modular wheels and a custom convertible conversion. On top of all that is the modified widebody treatment.

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Supposedly most of the Duntov Turbo Corvettes were painted white and red. This one is obviously black on black, and has just under 10,000 miles on the clock, but it does need some work. In fact, a proper restoration is really in order. You'll just have to fork over the Buy it Now price of $25,000 to get started.