You Can Rent A Bugatti... For The Price Of Buying A New Car


At $25k per day, a Veyron is the most expensive car rental in America.

Want to buy a Bugatti? You'll be looking at a seven-figure price tag. But if you can't afford that and still want the experience of driving one of Molsheim's finest, you can rent one. And all it'll cost you is the small matter of about $20,000 to $25,000 per day.

That's how much, according to CNBC, that Royalty Exotic Cars charges for renting out its Bugatti Veyron – a one-of-a-kind customized by Mansory with basketweave carbon-fiber bodywork. The Las Vegas agency is known for sharing videos of its supercars and what goes into maintaining them.

Royalty's price is about what the MPH Club in Miami, which acts as a rental broker, will charge you to rent a privately owned Bugatti as well. Both companies cater particularly to film crews and promotional agencies but do get some business from individual (and independently wealthy) enthusiasts looking to drive some of the most expensive machinery on the market.

For those prices, as CNBC points out, you could buy a new car outright: a new Toyota Camry (one of the top-selling cars in America) starts at $23,845. But Bugattis cost just a little a bit more.


The Alsatian marque charges nearly $3 million for a new Chiron, and $5.8 million for the sold-out Divo. Even a second-hand Veyron will cost you a solid million or two, depending on the exact version and its condition.

Renting one, then, might be your next best bet. But to do so, you'll need your own insurance that can cover any damage incurred or even the cost of replacing the car if you total it. And the renters will want to ensure that you can cover the cost yourself if the insurers won't pay. So one way or another, you'll need to be a multi-millionaire to drive a Bugatti.


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