You Can't Get Any More Stupid Than These Two Camaro Thieves

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Remember: you can't fix stupid.

We swear we're not making this up. It'd be impossible to do so. A 1977 ProStreet Chevy Camaro was discovered to have been stolen late last week from a property in Bloomingdale, Michigan. And within just a few hours after the reported robbery, it was recovered by the police. What happened was this: The car was originally stored in a large white trailer on the owner's property. Thing is, the owner hadn't checked on either the car or the trailer for two months. He figured it was time to have a look, only to discover both were gone.

Van Buren County Sheriff's Office

So how did the police find the Camaro so quickly? Its new owners/thieves were so proud of it that they couldn't help but show it off to friends. Word quickly got out and the police rolled up. The trailer, however, hasn't been recovered.

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