You Could Pay Your Kid's College Tuition Or Buy Them This Porsche 936 Go-Kart

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C'mon, this one is a no-brainer.

Some lucky kid, collector or Porsche fanboy will soon be the owner of this replica 936 LeMans racer. Rest assured that this is no ordinary go-kart. For starters, only 50-100 were made. What makes this one so damn special, besides being rare, is that it never came out of its box. The mint-condition mini is powered by five-horsepower engine with a three-speed manual gearbox. Top speed for this bad boy is 32 mph.

For $25,100 (the current bid on eBay) you can buy a lot of things. However, you'll probably never get your hands on a real 936. Why not spring for a replica with a badass Jules livery, leather seat, rear disc brakes, adjustable high beams and so much more. At 1:2 scale you're not missing much in terms of size, except the original 936's 540-horsepower turbocharged flat-six.

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