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You'd Freak Out Just Like These Guys Did If You Caught The Ford GT Testing In The Wild

No shame in being starstruck by a supercar.

If you live in Michigan there’s a chance you’ll see the new Ford GT out testing. The chance isn’t great, mind you. That said, it’s been caught out getting gas and on the highway, so you might as well keep your eyes peeled. If you’re lucky enough you may have an experience like these two guys, who saw the matte olive tester GT out and about. As you’d expect car guys to do they lost their sh**, instantly turning into awestruck children. That's probably what Ford is hoping the GT will do once it hits the street.

They give the driver a thumbs up, talk about the GT’s awesomeness and chase it down after it blasts off when the stoplight turns green. Honestly, we would have done the same damn thing.

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