You'd Have To Be Pretty Dumb To Fall For This Craigslist Bugatti Veyron Scam

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If you've got $1.35 million feel free to investigate this ad.

The last time we saw a Bugatti Veyron for sale on Craigslist, it was a phony. That fake supercar was actually a poorly built replica frankensteined out of a 2004 Pontiac GTO. The seller wanted $105,000 for it which was absolutely insane. Now we have another Veyron listed for sale on Craigslist, and like the replica this one seems a bit fishy. Yes, we know what you're thinking: Who the hell would ever sell a Bugatti on Craigslist? Well, some pretty awesome cars have made it to the classifieds site before.

But whenever you see a car this crazy on Craigslist you need to ask questions. We did that, but let's talk about the ad first. It was posted in Miami and is for a 2006 Veyron with 12,000 miles. The first red flag is that the seller spelled "Bugatti" incorrectly. The second is the photos. In a word, they're horrendous. It looks as if someone took a screen shot of an iPhone's photo viewer. However, all of these fears are somewhat allayed by the screenshot of the CarFax Vehicle History Report. We ran the VIN and got the same outcome, a 2006 Veyron. But then again anyone can run a CarFax provided they have the cash. And while VINs aren't just floating around the Internet they are often freely available on dealership and auction sites.

The listing itself doesn't provide much info about the car, only saying that the original color is black and that it now sports a white wrap. The seller also says the car has full maintenance records and that the ad is not a scam. Now saying something is a scam doesn't mean it's a scam. But would someone selling a supercar for $1.35 million really only write three sentences on it and upload such awful photos? No, probably not. That's why we decided to Google this supercar's VIN. What we got was a listing for a black 2006 Veyron on sale at Chicago Motor Cars. That car was all-black and had a price of $1.1 million. Its ad was more exhaustive and the photos were, well, a hell of a lot better than what we saw on Craigslist.

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When we gave Chicago Motor Cars a call we were first told that the Veyron was sold. A second car got us a different answer. Yes, the car was still for sale but no, it was not in Chicago. Omar, the sales consultant on the second call, said the car was currently located in Michigan. Michigan is not Miami. We called the person who posted the Craigslist ad and sent a text about the car. A day later we had not heard back. Maybe the seller is busy...or maybe it's a scam. Decide for yourself and let us know which way you're leaning in the comments section.

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