You Don't Have To Be A Millionare To Buy This LaFerrari FXX K

Anyone can own the king of the hypercars.

The Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K is one heck of a machine, but itstill has its faults. The most obvious fault is the hypercar’s daunting pricetag of roughly $3 million. Other questionable aspects of the FXX K include itsinability to be used on the road and in any racing series. Besdies these tiny drawbacks,the FXX K is something that we’d kill to have and now we can own one withoutselling a body part. And it’s all thanks to one extremely skilled builder. Thevehicle was built as part of a Flickr challenge and we think it’s a realwinner.

Just like the FXX K, the Lego model has incredibleaerodynamic pieces and is finished in a black and red color scheme. There areworking doors and a hood that gives enthusiasts the ability to inspect the engine.With Christmas right around the corner, this may be the ultimate gift for anautomotive enthusiast and it won’t cost you anything close to a milliondollars.

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