You Know, That's Not Mustard Splattered Inside This Range Rover Evoque

People can be so kind to each other. Or not.

People park illegally all the time. The worst that’ll happen, most likely, is that the car will get towed. Tickets happen too. But neither of those two penalties are as harsh as this one. Of course it happened in Russia. Where else? And no, this wasn’t a local police citation (we think). A Range Rover Evoque owner one day found a note attached to his windshield, saying, more or less, to move the car or pay 100,000 rubles, about $1,750. Do so or else.

The writer even provided a wire transfer number for the payment. The Evoque’s owner refused to pay up, thinking it was just a joke. It wasn’t. The next day he found his driver’s side window smashed and yellow paint splattered all over the interior. Be glad you don’t live in this place.

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