You Know Your Car Show Is Great When The Ferrari P4/5 Shows Up

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This concours gives Pebble Beach a run for its money.

The Americana Manhasset Concours d'Elegance was held recently in Manhasset, New York. Those of us who weren't able to attend have Reddit user ThreeFifty to thank for these breathtaking photos. From classic Italian exotic icons from Ferrari to new releases like the Bentley Bentayga, this auto show gives us a taste of the high life, even if most of the rides on display are less than attainable for the normal person. Even at Pebble Beach you'd be hard pressed to find a lot with rides as rare as these.

The fact that the only Ferrari P4/5 ever produced pulled up must have made the event organizers more than pleased. This one-off supercar was the result of a collaboration between Pininfarina and Ferrari to create a very special ride for film director James Glickenhaus. Even though most of us don't have a realistic chance of owning the automotive gems at this show, it's still exciting to see a group of cars rare enough to make a Veyron look commonplace. Make sure to check out the gallery for extra photos from this bold display of exotics.

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