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You'll Be Able To Buy A New McLaren In Michigan Starting Next Week

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McLaren is opening shop only 30 minutes from Detroit.

Official OEM franchised supercar dealerships in the US are more often found in coastal regions, such as Beverly Hills, California, and New York City. You know, where the wealthiest people live. But not everyone in the one-percenter club opts to live near an ocean, but rather in the America's heartland, the Midwest. McLaren has just announced its 24th retail location in North America. And it's located in Troy, Michigan, less than a half hour drive from Detroit. McLaren Troy is opening its doors in a temporary location next week.

A brand new 4,000 square foot showroom will open at the end of the year, but sales and service will get underway in the meantime. The North American market is vital for McLaren's growth, so it makes complete sense to open up shop in Middle America. In fact, the McLaren Troy will be the first and only retailer in the Midwest to offer McLaren's full service and sales operations, thus making it easier for potential customers to pick out their dream supercar. "The state of Michigan is a key area in the United States that we have not yet been able to properly service," said President of McLaren North America Tony Joseph.

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"With a deep base of both existing clients and potential customers in the region, we felt that Detroit and the surrounding areas needed a more localized point of sales and service, and we are delighted to partner with Suburban, who have a 70-year history of outstanding customer service in the region." McLaren Troy will formally celebrate its opening with a launch party on Saturday, June 30 at the Cars and Coffee event at the M1 concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. Entrance is free but the cars, well, not exactly.