You'll Be Seeing A Lot Of BMW Action In Mission: Impossible Fallout

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Massive respect for Tom Cruise who once again did all of his own stunt driving.

Car product placement has become increasingly prevalent and lucrative in Hollywood. This month, you'll see the new Lexus LC 500 make its cinematic debut in Marvel's Black Panther. Meanwhile, the Hyundai Veloster will see some action in the upcoming Ant Man sequel-Ant Man and the Wasp. But one of this year's most anticipated action movies is Mission: Impossible Fallout, the sixth movie in the long-running spy franchise scheduled for release in July, and it will once again showcase Tom Cruise driving Bimmers and Beemers to the absolute limit.

The studio behind the film recently dropped an action-packed trailer featuring Cruise careening through Paris streets during a high-speed car chase in a classic E28 BMW 5 Series. Behind the scenes footage last year showed Cruise doing a reverse 180 down some stairs and dashing between pillars in the 5 Series. These scenes are previewed in the trailer.

It's not just kidney-grilled cars in the flick, either. Cruise rides a BMW R Nine T motorcycle in the trailer in his attempts to evade Paris police. This isn't the first time BMW has paid for placement in the Mission: Impossible franchise. The German automaker used Ghost Protocol as a platform to promote the i8 hybrid sports car in 2014, while Rogue Nation brought a BMW S 1000 RR to the silver screen in 2011, along with a BMW M3 driven to its ultimate end. Cruise is renowned for doing his own daring stunts; Mission: Impossible Fallout is no exception. You have to respect the 55-year-old actor for putting his life at risk when most actors would simply rely on a dedicated lookalike stuntman.

Cruise reportedly broke his ankle for the newest film during a shot that saw him leap from on building to another. And if you didn't think he could top the scary stunt in Rogue Nation that saw him clinging onto a plane as it took off, think again. In Fallout, he ups the ante even further by performing a dizzying 360-degree spin in a helicopter while another chases him close behind. This would be a dangerous stunt for experienced pilots, let alone for Cruise who also has to act his role at the same time. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible Fallout opens in theaters July 27.

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