You'll Either Hate Or Love What Liberty Walk Did To This Maserati


There is no fence-sitting when it comes to wideboy kits.

When it comes to Liberty Walk Performance and its widebody kits, you either hate or love them. There is no in between. The outfit’s latest custom job is this, the often overlooked Maserati GranTurismo. On its own the GranTurismo is an incredibly beautiful car. It strikes a nice Italian balance between menacing and refined, with the menacing part backed up by its 4.7-liter V8 good for 454 horsepower. Of course Liberty Walk’s version looks nothing like stock so prepare yourself accordingly before checking out these preview photos.

Liberty Walk’s customizations will always be a matter of preference and can never be judged objectively. That being said this GranTurismo seems to miss the mark. Gone is the sleek Italian sports car and in its place sits something a 17-year-old kid pushing a stanced Honda Civic would die for. You can’t knock Liberty Walk for a lack of creativity or boldness, but some cars just don’t look the same when slammed and sporting massively flared fenders.

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