You'll Never Believe What Speed This Daily Driver Supra Hit In The Quarter Mile

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It smoked a Nissan GT-R so it's damn quick.

If there's one car enthusiasts really want to see again, it's the Toyota Supra. We won't get into its awesomeness here or the rumors of its revival. No, this space is reserved exclusively for a very special and very fast Supra customized by Real Street Performance. Unlike past Real Street Supra videos, this one unfortunately lacks women in bikinis. It makes up for that with blistering speed and multiple viewing angles. When we say "blistering speed" we're talking 197 mph. Yeah, that's quick.

The best part is that this Supra is a daily driver on street tires. It's not solely a quarter-mile machine which means it could one day sneak up on you at a stoplight. You've been warned.

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