You'll Never Guess How Many Chiron "Styling Elements" Are Functional Air Intakes


There's a reason this car costs $2.7 million.

The Bugatti Chiron is a car that holds more numbers than the coin purses of the people who can afford it, but it takes much more than just numbers to create a car. After all, Formula 1 cars are great numbers cars too, fetching many times the price of even a Chiron, but on the other hand it’s not the first car you’d pick for a drive to the country club. To find out what separates the maddeningly fast Chiron from the of the numbers cars, we now turn to Robert Ross.

The Robb Report correspondent got on camera with Bugatti Director of Design Achim Anscheidt to walk through the process he underwent to make the hypercar come together the way it did. As you’d expect, the task was immense.

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Not only did Anscheidt have to find a way to give the Chiron the quintessential look of a Bugatti, he also had to make it elegant like a luxury grand tourer, aggressive but not too edgy, and somehow make all of that fit in with the extreme engineering demands that this car’s performance calls for. Anscheidt and his team pulled quite a few clever tricks to make that happen, including putting a gap between the headlamps and the body. The sunken headlights make the Chiron look more confident and modern but less tacky than its predecessor, but it also doubles as an air intake. That’s all a part of the Bugatti design philosophy of “form following performance,” which seems to have turned out quite nicely.