Lap Record

You’ll Never Guess How Much Faster The P1 Really Is

Chris Harris is back to show you how much more the P1 can handle.

If you have not yet seen Chris Harris’ matchup of the hypercar trinity, then you need to eliminate distractions like crying babies and angry bosses and get down to business. In the video, Harris gets behind the wheel of the LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spider, and the McLaren P1 to sort out who is the winner. Originally, the Ferrari and the P1 wore the same tires, but Harris wanted to find out just how much faster the P1 could go when it was uninhibited by its shoes. Wearing Pirelli Trofeo R tires, the P1 managed to cut its time by 1.79 seconds.

This is enough to leave the LaFerrari and 918 going back to the pits with their tails between their legs.

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