You'll Never Guess The Cost To Repair This Keyed Viper

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Vigilante justice, anyone?

Keying cars is a crappy thing to do, but one guy in Florida took things to the next level when he absolutely destroyed a 2013 Dodge Viper SRT. The owner lives in Palm Beach and had left his Viper in an aircraft hangar (right next to the local sheriff's hangar) while he spent the night working on aircraft. When he returned he found an insane, and unsettling, amount of damage. The designs and phrases carved into the supercar look to be the work of a seriously disturbed individual.

In addition to the key-job the perp also urinated on the car and tried to open the gas tank to pee inside of it. The price to repair all of this damage sits at around $33,000, which includes a new $10,060 hood and two new headlights that each run $1,285. Here's hoping the Viper comes back looking better than ever and that both the police and karma catch up with the insane idiot who did this.

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