You'll Never Guess What Faraday Future Is Being Sued For Now


This is just embarrassing. Is the Faraday Future FF 91 doomed before it's even started production?

To say that Chinese start-up Faraday Future has a chequered history is an understatement. The reveal of the FF 91 EV quickly attracted people's attention (and deposits) thanks to its record-breaking performance and sophisticated technology. Soon after the reveal however, the company's reputation is practically in ruins, with high profile executives leaving, an off-putting asking price, and financial woes putting its production into doubt.


Now, Jalopnik reports that Faraday Future is facing another lawsuit – for a very embarrassing reason. This latest lawsuit is accusing the start-up automaker of failing to pay a broker for acquiring its domain name. The 10-page complaint uncovered by Jalopnik filed at San Francisco County Superior Court alleges that Domains Cable was not paid a 15 percent agreement after negotiating a deal to purchase from Bank of America for $1.5 million. Marcus Nelson, Faraday's former head of corporate communications, is said to have employed Suraj Rajwani from Domains Cable to help think of a name for the company and register an accompanying domain name.

Nelson also promised that Rajwani would receive a fee along with the domain's purchase price. Rajwani then negotiated with Bank of America to purchase with an offer of $150,000. However, Bank of America counter-offered with $2.5 million. Rajwani reported back to Faraday that he got the asking price down to $1.5 million, but Faraday went directly to the Bank of America to purchase the domain for $1.4 million, without Rajwani knowing. As a result, he's asking for $210,000 along with the costs and expenses of the lawsuit. Factor in the $1.8 million lawsuit Faraday is already facing, and the costs are mounting up. Time will tell if the FF 91 will ever go into production at this rate.

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