You'll Never Guess What Faraday Future Is Being Sued For Now

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This is just embarrassing. Is the Faraday Future FF 91 doomed before it's even started production?

To say that Chinese start-up Faraday Future has a chequered history is an understatement. The reveal of the FF 91 EV quickly attracted people's attention (and deposits) thanks to its record-breaking performance and sophisticated technology. Soon after the reveal however, the company's reputation is practically in ruins, with high profile executives leaving, an off-putting asking price, and financial woes putting its production into doubt.


Now, Jalopnik reports that Faraday Future is facing another lawsuit – for a very embarrassing reason. This latest lawsuit is accusing the start-up automaker of failing to pay a broker for acquiring its domain name. The 10-page complaint uncovered by Jalopnik filed at San Francisco County Superior Court alleges that Domains Cable was not paid a 15 percent agreement after negotiating a deal to purchase from Bank of America for $1.5 million. Marcus Nelson, Faraday's former head of corporate communications, is said to have employed Suraj Rajwani from Domains Cable to help think of a name for the company and register an accompanying domain name.

Nelson also promised that Rajwani would receive a fee along with the domain's purchase price. Rajwani then negotiated with Bank of America to purchase with an offer of $150,000. However, Bank of America counter-offered with $2.5 million. Rajwani reported back to Faraday that he got the asking price down to $1.5 million, but Faraday went directly to the Bank of America to purchase the domain for $1.4 million, without Rajwani knowing. As a result, he's asking for $210,000 along with the costs and expenses of the lawsuit. Factor in the $1.8 million lawsuit Faraday is already facing, and the costs are mounting up. Time will tell if the FF 91 will ever go into production at this rate.

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