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You'll Never Guess Where This Supercar-Packed Concours d'Elegance Was Held

Think the least-boring Midwest state.

The little-known “Lake Forest Sportscars” group just putitself on the map by drawing crowds to Lake Bluff, Illinois, (just a bit north of Chicago) to see some of the fastest and rarest supercars in the world. Thanks to Imgur user rs014827, we now have afantastic look into how LFSC is evolving from regional curiosity into a proper Concours. The organization that hosts the event, ahigh-end car dealership, has been around since 1923. And over the past few years this event has been making a name for itself.

In the most recent Concours, LFSC was gracedwith the presence of several McLaren P1s, a Pagani Huayra, dozens of Ferraris (new and classic) and more. Perhaps the most impressive rarity on display wasthe Sergio Ferrari concept supercar. The two-toned roadster was the result of acollaboration between legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina and Ferrari. ThePininfarina Sergio was first seen by the public at the 83rd GenevaMotor Show in March 2013. Perhaps the car’s most notable feature is itsmind-blowing $3,000,000 price tag. Then again, only six examples of this machinewere ever made, and it’s not exactly easy to find a car with two names asiconic as Pininfarina and Ferrari.

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