You'll Never Recognize The Brand Behind This Concept, But Do You Really Want To Find Out?

But you better get used to this luxury automaker's new design language.

Withthe Frankfurt Motor Show just around the corner, teaser season is in full swingand companies are revealing their upcoming models pixel by pixel. Butsometimes, a shadowy single picture is enough topoint at a complete revision to an automaker's design language, which could ultimately spread from the concept to the company's entire lineup. Now,Mercedes-Benz has just given us one of those pictures, and it's really got uswondering. They call it the Concept IAA - Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile.

The Concept IAA could be a couple of things or a combination of the two.Based on its swooping 4-door coupe design, it could be a precursor of the next-generationCLS, although that car is not expected until after the next E-Class has its owndebut in early 2016. There are also rumors stating that Merc will use this new design conceptas a display for new technologies, with some speculators even assuming thatthis is the company's Tesla-fighting electric vehicle. Whatever it is, eventhis cloudy image displays some pretty radical departures from any of the lineswe've gotten used to in Mercedes' recent models. Is this the right directionfor the luxury automaker to take?

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