You'll Question Your Manhood After Watching These Russian Bikers Ride Across A River


Have you ever done anything this cool?

It’s not all that hard to look tough when on a motorcycle. Just throw on a bandanna, rip off your sleeves and you’re basically a badass. Now looking like a hardass biker and actually being one are two different things. These Russian motorcyclists may not look like they belong in a biker gang but they’re still pretty damn badass, as evidenced by the complete lack of fu**s they give when it comes time to cross this river. We can only assume they looked for a way around for about a minute before deciding to just ride across.

At certain points the motorcycles and sidecars are basically submerged, turnings these two-wheelers into boats. It’s a damn cool sight to see and may very well make you question your manhood. You’ve been warned.

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