You'll Want To Drift A 500 HP Rally Car On Ice After Watching This

Has a new winter sport been discovered?

Typically snow and ice are detriments to motorsports because, well, it’s freaking snow and ice. Enough said. Car racing can be dangerous enough as is and the thought of adding frozen water to the equation doesn’t really sit well with most drivers. But these guys aren’t most drivers. The Wide Open Drift Team had the brilliant idea of essentially going all out with their 500 hp Lexus IS300 drift car on a frozen lake. They call it Gymkhana on Ice. Adding 175 studs per tire also helps.

The temperature was almost -8 degree Fahrenheit (-22 Celsius) and they got two flats while filming. Oh yeah, one more thing: two of their team members were nearly killed. Dangerous fun isn’t without risk.

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