You May Not Know Opel But The Automaker Is Preparing To Blow Your Mind


Seriously? Opel hasn't existed in the States since 1973!

For readers in the US, let us start by explaining that Opel is a subsidiary of General Motors that is sold mostly in Europe. The Opel model range mostly consists of Chevrolets or Buicks. In fact, many Buick models started out as Opels, so those "that doesn't look like a Buick" ads really makes us giggle whenever we see them. Damn right they don't look like Buicks because they are Opels! Opel hasn't sold a car in the US since 1973, so don't feel bad for not knowing what is basically German GM.

The last car that Opel ever sold in the US was the wildly weird Opel GT. The car looked like a mini C3 Corvette, but actually shared many of its components with the Kadet. It only had 67 horsepower from a 1.1-liter straight-four engine.

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For those who wanted more power there was a 1.9-liter engine that made a staggering 102 horsepower! The GT was far from a sales success in the US; GM attempted to sell it in Buick dealerships. Now Opel intends to build a new GT model that will reinvent the company's image. Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann says "Don't miss what happens next," referring to the reveal of the new GT concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Opel teased the reveal in a short video, but little can be seen of the car other than an homage to the Opel motorcycle Motoclub 500 which appeared with red tires in 1928. Opel has created some amazing concepts in the past, and are responsible for many of the new Buick models that we have stateside.