You May Not Like How Ford Is Helping Police Catch Speeders

What’s more important, personal rights or general safety?

LED technology is awesome. Not only does its compact and powerful nature allow for a useful flashlight to be placed right on our iPhones, but it makes cars look like modern scouting vehicles on a search and rescue mission at night. Sure enough, the technology was eventually going to be used to make our lives harder, and we can thank Ford for being the first automaker to go down this route. Not only is Ford creating some admittedly cool technology to keep police safe while inside its Interceptor vehicles, but it is now helping cops better catch speeders.

Most gearheads know what their local police cars look like and are sure to slow down, but new Ford Police Interceptors will be a bit harder to spot thanks to compact hidden LED light bars. Instead of being able to see the silhouette of a light bar from afar, gearheads will now have to rely on intuition when they see a Ford Explorer in the rearview mirror. To make matters worse, this low-profile light bar doesn’t sit on the roof of a police cruiser like the red and blue flashers of old, it lies inside the windshield visor area, making it all but invisible until the lights come on. A variety of brightness settings, an auto-dimming feature, and a pursuit-friendly all white “takedown mode” are included and help to bring the Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor into the future.

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