You Need To Be Rich And Own A Ferrari F430 To Buy A New Stratos

With an $800,000 price tag, you really need to love the Lancia Stratos to justify its cost.

After being out of production for 40 years, the legendary Lancia Stratos has finally been reborn—but it isn’t being built by Lancia. Italian coachbuilder Manifattura Automobili Torino will put the New Stratos into production, some eight years after the company revealed its concept Stratos model, and it will feature the retro-inspired design that made the concept such a desirable reprise in the first place. Only 25 examples of it will be built using the Ferrari F430 Scuderia as its base.

We didn’t know how much it would set you back when it was first announced, but MAT has since confirmed to Automotive News Europe the New Stratos will cost 500,000 euros ($617,000). If you think that’s steep, the quoted cost only covers the conversion. You’ll also need to provide a Ferrari F430 Scuderia to use as a donor car. Being a lightweight variant of the F430, the Scuderia isn’t easy to find—particularly as it’s been out of production for nearly ten years. According to Cargurus (via Jalopnik), used Ferrari F430 Scuderias typically fetch from $200,000 to over $350,000. That puts the total cost of the cheapest New Stratos at around $800,000. Ouch.

Oh, and that’s just for the base model. A choice of three variants of the New Stratos are available: a GT race car, a safari variant and the standard sports car. In other words, you really need to love the Lancia Stratos to justify its staggering price tag. The company will also modify the Scuderia’s engine to produce over 550 horsepower. Despite the steep price, MAT has already found a dozen buyers for the New Stratos, according to Automotive News. At this rate, the remaining build slots look like they will sell out well before the car is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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