You Need To See Dodge's Awesome New Set Of Badass Commercials

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Although we did have one problem with the slogan that was chosen.

Fiat-Chrysler has just come up with a new slogan for the Dodge brand and the SRT performance sub-brand. The new slogan, "Domestic. Not Domesticated" is supposed to capture Dodge's passion, attitude, and spirit. In order to launch this new mantra, Dodge has created two rather silly commercials. The first one is called "Warning," and basically goes over a list of fake symptoms that can affect you when you drive a Dodge. The commercial says that you may experience increased blood flow to the genitals. Seriously.

Clearly the first ad is meant to show how badass Dodge cars can be. The second ad, titled "Unleashed," shows a robotic Hellcat in a cage which eventually turns into the Challenger Hellcat. We guess that this proves that new tagline.

That slogan, "Domestic. Not Domesticated," is pretty clever. We interpret it to mean that Dodge cars are wild American muscle that don't succumb to boring regulations. However, we do have one problem with it: the Charger and Challenger (including the Hellcats) are built in Canada, not America. So much for "Domestic."

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