You Need To See This: The Sexy Aventador SV Roadster Is Ready To Roll


This is the hottest Aventador yet.

Stephan Winkelmann pleased the automotive industry with the sexy, jaw-dropping Aventador SV Coupe. Unfortunately for you millionaires, all 600 examples have already been purchased. On the other hand however, the Aventador SV Roadster is confirmed for production and you can buy one very soon. Only 500 will be produced and we expect a price tag of around $500,000. The ultra hardcore drop-top has been spotted once testing, but before now we haven't gotten a clear look at it.

Thanks to professional photographer Jordan Shiraki we have gorgeous high-definition photos of the roadster finished in a deep turquoise. The red accents and carbon fiber usage gives this model the most aggressive and boldest stance of any Aventador we've seen. The roadster looks identical to the coupe apart from the removable carbon fiber roof and red accented wing. We absolutely love it. The roadster has the same bonkers performance as well: 0-60 clocks in at 2.8 seconds and the top speed is an insane 221 mph. That crazy quickness will be even more exciting with the roof off. This model should hit the streets soon, and when it does heads will turn anywhere it goes.

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