You Need To Stop And Listen To This Porsche 930 Turbo, Like Right Now

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Seriously, stop what you're doing.

Some claim the Porsche 911 was never the same after the switch from air-cooled to water-cooled flat-sixes in 1997. In many ways they are correct. An all-new body shell and interior arrived, making the 911 bigger and pushing it up market. And then there's that distinctive air-cooled sound and exhaust note. There was really no need to listen to the radio. And those in particular are what 911 purists miss most. Fortunately there are guys like this 1979 930 owner who love nothing more than to remind everyone of air-cooled wonderfulness.

Grant Karnes doesn't just drive his 930 on a daily basis, he unleashes it. Upon acquiring it from his father he realized the thing hadn't been driven enough. That quickly came to an end. Along with some light modifications and those oh, so cool Martini magnetic body decals, this 930 is what Porsche, at its heart, is all about: driving passion.

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