Hanging Off The Side Of A Bugatti Chiron Looks Like A Bad Idea

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Anything for the 'Gram, right?

Ever looked around and wondered how you've ended up in a situation? Apparently, it's something that happens to people that own a Bugatti Chiron a lot. First, there was the Czech millionaire that dodged jail time after posting his supposedly illegal Chiron Autobahn top speed run on YouTube. Now, there's this guy. Unlike that video of the top speed run, there are not a lot of ways to end up in this situation.

The video, originally posted to Instagram, starts simply with a man hanging from the Chiron's surely expensive door over a marina. Next to, of course, a hilariously large yacht. Just rich people things, right?

2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Side View Bugatti
2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front View Driving Bugatti

Honestly, this is probably some sort of idiotic stunt. These people are probably all bored waiting for the poors to empty the latrines on their yacht or something. All but two people in the video have their phones out, which makes us think the guy just decided it might be funny to hang off the side of his Chiron like some sort of Great Value Indiana Jones. At least make sure you can do a pull-up first if you want to try (don't).

The clip is only about 14 seconds long, and shows absolutely no resolution to the situation, ending before he even gets off the ledge. We'd have at least hoped to see a soaked millionaire, but no such luck.

Hell, this might not even be the owner, despite the shirt that says "driver" on the back. If it was us, we'd be pretty upset at someone hanging of our multi-million dollar hypercar, but maybe we're simply too poor to know. What's more, it's unclear if there's any damage to the Chiron.

Doors are a tough thing to line up right. They have a lot of moving parts that have to sit in exactly the right way to seal the door perfectly, protecting the occupants from wind, rain, and apparently, poorly-dressed bald men. We're betting this door never lines up right again. The guy in the video looks to be about 5'8", maybe a hair (or lack thereof) taller, and weighing around 150-190 lbs.

He's also hanging about midway down the length of the Bug's door, which is pretty far from the door's strongest point: the hinges. Given the setting, the yacht, and the general lack of alarm from everyone nearby, we're going to guess the realignment of the door is an afterthought for whoever owns this Chiron.

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