You're About To Fall Madly In Love With The BMW M4 GTS

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700 examples. All spoken for. Be jealous.

It's nearly twice as expensive as a regular BMW M4 but it's also the greatest M car on sale today. The M4 GTS does have the M4's twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six but it's undergone some surgery, and it involves much more than just that big rear spoiler. This is the first production road car to be fitted with a water injection system, which works exactly how it sounds: water is injected as a fine spray into the intake manifold chamber where it evaporates. This lowers the intake air temperature and further reduces the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber.

The turbo engine is now able to operate with a higher boost pressure and advanced spark timing. That translates into more power, 493 hp and 422 lb-ft, to be exact. Only 700 examples were made and the guys at Carfection managed some time behind the wheel.

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