You're About To See A Subaru WRX STI Vs. BMW M4 In A Snow Tow Duel

Call it a way to fight the cold winter blues.

The guy who previously conducted a snow tow duel between his new BMW M4 and a Toyota Tacoma pickup is back for round two. In place of that Tacoma, however, is something very different: a brand-new Subaru WRX STI. Can the RWD M4 survive the Subie’s rally-inspired AWD system? That’s what Murray and crew were hoping to find out. Do note that only the WRX STI had summer tires whereas the M4 is wearing a set of winter rubber. In other words, the choice of rubber makes for a more equal match.

Then again, the M4 has 430 hp while the WRX STI has 305 ponies. Who will win? Why was this comparison even done in the first place? The answers: watch the video and find out, and why the hell not.

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