You're About To See The Largest Ever Gathering Of McLaren F1 GTRs

Is this heaven? No, it's Goodwood.

Events like this don’t happen often. It’s not that they’re hard to organize (they are) but it’s when you’re dealing with such a special car, the event itself must be equally special. And for that, the right venue must also be chosen. Well, the car is the McLaren F1 GTR and the place is Goodwood. Welcome to the 73rd Members’ Meeting, which was also the largest ever gathering of F1 GTRs. Our friend Marchettino also attended and provided some great footage, but now McLaren itself has released its own incredible video of that incredible day.

This wasn’t just some car show; the F1 GTR was made to be driven and that’s exactly how the day went. Check them out as they hit the track for some impromptu racing. And yes, the new P1 GTR was also on hand for this rare occasion.

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