You're Going To Be Shocked To Learn What Ferrari 308 GTBs Are Worth Now

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Can Wheeler Dealers' Mike Brewer explain the surge in value?

About two years ago, a used Ferrari 308 GTB, or its 328 successor, could be had for around $40,000. The 308/328 were simply affordable. As an added bonus, the targa topped 308 GTS was the Ferrari of choice for "Magnum P.I," everyone's favorite 1980s moustached, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing private eye. But look at the price of a 308 GTB/GTS today and you might be shocked at what you'll see. Some are now listed for $100,000 or more. What's the reason for this price surge? Remember, Ferraris in general have a history of increasing in value.

Are collectors now re-assessing another Ferrari classic? Perhaps our friend Mike Brewer, star and host of Wheeler Dealers, can provide a better explanation thanks to his endless knowledge of buying, selling, and restoring classic cars. He'll be holding a car clinic this Sunday, July 26, at the Silverstone Classic where he'll offer his advice and take audience questions.

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