You're Hired: City Uses Mimes to Scold Bad Drivers

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Now this is truly giving someone the silent treatment.

We all know they exist. Everyday they're out in full force and we always have to deal with them. We're talking about bad drivers who continuously violate traffic laws. And while police continue to issue tickets in many countries, Venezuela is trying something a bit different. In the country's capital, Caracas, officials have hired some 120 mimes dressed as clowns to give bad drivers the silent treatment. Their routine consists of wagging their fingers at traffic violators and even pedestrians who are jaywalking.

According to one of the mimes: "Most people are cooperating, but bad habits are usually hard to break and some drivers just don't change their ways...some people get angry when we reprimand them." In fact, some people really approve of the new method and have even complimented the mimes. The mayor of the eastern part of the city, called Sucre, said that they turned to mimes in order to encourage civility among reckless drivers and careless pedestrians. City officials are convinced the mimes will help, as they even hired professional actors to train them.

One official said that "mimes can achieve what traffic police cannot by using warnings and sanctions...and can often achieve the same objective by employing artistic and peaceful actions." Hey, whatever works.

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