You're Sh-t Out Of Luck If Want A Chrysler In The UK

That's right, the brand's a goner.

Not like they were ever really that popular there, but in two years’ time Chrysler will completely be out of the UK market. An official announcement should come at any time, but a Fiat Group official has just told Auto Express that by 2017 Chrysler-branded models will no longer be available in the UK. The reasons why make complete sense. For starters, UK Chrysler sales have never been all that great and they’ve continued to decrease.

Also, the majority of the Chrysler lineup will soon no longer meet stringent new C02 regulations. Already the 300C and Grand Voyager are no longer available, leaving only the Ypsilon supermini, and even that will be sold on an order-only basis. Another major reason why FCA is pulling Chrysler from this market is because it wants to make way for new products that will actually sell, like Jeeps and that new Alfa Romeo lineup. Fiat and Abarth will also expand operations.

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