You're Staring At The Most Rebellious Jeep Renegade Yet


The same derelict Jeep gets a new rebellious face.

From, the get-go it was obvious that the Jeep Renegade was a crossover intended to reach into groups of car buyers not usually acquainted with the brand and bring them over to the camp of the seven-slat grilles. It relied heavily on its cutesy design, fun-loving persona, and the fact that it could actually conquer terrain like a real Jeep should (we made sure of that) to sell well, but now that it's entering its fourth year of production, it's about time for Fiat Chrysler to be thinking about a refresh.

Instagram page Renegade Jeeps has that end covered for us thanks to a couple of leaked images it recently posted. What we see here is a gradual shift for the Jeep. If it ain't broke, there's no sense in fixing it, or at least that seems to be the prevailing logic here because the cosmetic alterations up front serve to add more dimension to the current look rather than change it entirely. Most of the changes happen at the grille, which is now colored with grey trim to help give the Renegade a two-tone look. The headlights are also now bordered by square cutouts while part of the bottom end of the grille beneath the slats has been removed for effect. The slats themselves see their edges get squared off to match the headlights.

Meanwhile, the rings around the lights are colored differently to make them stand out more while inside the headlights we see a rectangle that could end up being another seven-slat grille easter egg. Moving inside there are close-up images of the infotainment system and HVAC controls. The biggest change is the size of the screen, which grows dramatically-up to 8.4 inches according to Renegade Jeeps-and seems to displace the buttons that once surrounded it both functionally and spatially. Those are the only tidbits of visual information we get from these images for now. Any peep about new powertrain options and other visual upgrades will have to wait until the 2019 refresh is revealed in 2018.


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