You Should Know About The Levels Of Self-Driving When You Buy Your Next Car


This important piece of technology comes in levels that are all very different.

Tesla wowed the world with its amazing "Autopilot" feature. This technology is currently unparalleled in the auto industry and despite many people believing that Teslas are completely autonomous, they are actually only on level 3. This means that the car can take over for easier segments of driving such as highway, stop-and-go or on open road driving with no lights or turns. Level 3 is also known as conditional autonomy because it can take over when conditions are perfect, but can't replace the driver completely.

The NHTSA and SAE both rank autonomous cars differently and each have a different number of self-driving levels. Cnet's Brian Cooley will help you understand what defines each level, and which level your next car will come with. So pay attention.

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