You Thought The F-Type Project 7 Was Bonkers, But Jaguar Isn't Finished Yet

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Someone please check Jaguar into a mental hospital.

There's a reason why Jaguar is the car of choice for villains and geniuses who want to take over the world. After all, it takes a special kind of crazy to build a limited edition car with a 567 horsepower supercharged V8 and then have doubts as to whether that was enough. When the first Jaguar F-Type Project 7 debuted, people already thought Jaguar had lost its mind. Not only was the small convertible getting more muscle than its size indicates that it could handle, but it had a starting price of $165,000.


To sweeten the deal, Jaguar pulled a move out of BMW's playbook by making the F-Type Project 7 in limited numbers like the M4 GTS. According to what Jaguar design director Ian Callum told Auto Express, the company didn't think it would sell all 250 special editions of the car. He mentioned that the first Project 7 was a nerve-wracking experience because he had to personally guarantee a doubtful sales team that all 250 models would be sold. Not only did all Project 7 Jags sell out quickly, but the market for second-hand Project 7s has exploded and turned the cars into investments rather than race cars. This success means that Jaguar wants to pull off an encore with another Project 7, and it looks like it will be more special than the last.

Given its popularity, a successor would probably be made in higher numbers. No mention on horsepower has been made, but this next gen Project 7 Jag will likely feature a body that's different than the standard F-Type, although Jaguar doesn't want to get carried away with bespoke construction. Interestingly enough, Callum slipped out a word on why the top tier F-Type SVR Jags were made with all wheel-drive. Apparently, this would leave space for the Project 7 to be the "unique" Jaguar with the SVR engine plopped into a RWD configuration. By this logic, a Project 7 successor could be a coupe instead of a convertible to offer another incentive for buyers wanting RWD, 575 horsepower, and a solid roof.

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