You Thought Your Truck Was Tough

The Overfinch Holland & Holland Range Rover is billed as the ultimate luxury hunting vehicle, but two Mongolian businessmen have put in an order with Mercedes-Benz for two Zetros trucks that make the Overfinch look half-assed. They might not look as good as the Overfinch, but they are far more capable. These three-axel, six-wheel and six-wheel-drive vehicles are powered by a 7.2-liter inline-six turbodiesel that puts out 326hp and 959lb-ft of torque.

The back is a sort of luxury RV, with living and dining areas, a kitchen, sleeping quarters, heated marble floors and showers. Power for the interior is supplied by two battery packs that can be charged by either the generator or the solar panels mounted on the roof. It is reported that the pair intend to use the trucks for fox hunting trips in the forests around Ulan-Bator. We don't have and photos of the interior, but if either of these men would like to invite us along for one of these trips, we would be happy to go.

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